Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine

For this week’s art experience, we experimented with food. Living in a dorm presented some challenges with this art experience because I don’t have a kitchen to work with. I would have loved to try something more complex, but I also could not justify buying $30 worth of food supplies when I will only use a little bit of it. In my case, I took cookie dough and attempted to cook it in the microwave. Going into this project, I honestly had low expectations. If anything, I expected the results to be cookie crisps, rather than golden brown cookies.

The cookie dough I used was just typical store brand pre-made cookie dough. I just took a piece and placed it onto a microwavable plate and placed it into the microwave. On my first try, I let it cook in the microwave for a little over a minute. The resulting cookie was almost like a cookie chip and it did start to burn. I was lucky not to set the fire alarm in my dorm off. Next I attempted to cook my next cookie in the microwave by cooking it in waves of 10 seconds. I would leave it in there for 10 seconds, let it cool off, then continue to cook it again. This process took a about two minutes before I had results I was somewhat happy with.

In conclusion, both of my cookies where failures. My first cookie was cooked into a chip and partially burnt. My second one wasn’t completely cooked all the way through and was too crumbly. Since my expectations were low in the first place, I was not really disappointed. But all in all, the cookies did taste like cookies, just not the texture we are all used to.


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