Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Leon Phung


Leon Phung is a second year here at California State University Long Beach. Leon is a civil engineering major and would like to one day become a building inspector. Leon’s favorite food is steak that he cooked himself. Asked if he could be any animal he wanted and why, Leon’s response with saying he would want to be a lion because it is similar to his name. Leon enjoys cars and during his free time he enjoys cruising around and spending times with his friends in his car.

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Gallery: Gatov East

Media: Oil, Pastel

Website: HelenWernerCox.com

Instagram: Artist has no Instagram

Helen is graduate student here at California State University Long Beach working on her last semester. She will finish with her MFA in drawing and painting. Helen grew up in New York, and when she turned eighteen years old, she moved to Boston Massachusetts where she went to school. After school she ended up teaching for thirteen years, then moved to California because she said, “I was tired of the snow and rain.” After moving to California, she taught middle school for three years as an art teacher, then became a school librarian in North Hollywood. During her free time, she enjoys reading and gardening.

Helen cox’s artwork is very interesting. Most of her work includes long strokes from either the oil paints or the pastels. In some of her pieces, these long strokes are used to simulate movement and almost a chaotic scene, while in others, it is used to show texture on the carrousel horses.

About a year ago during that winter break, Helen said he started to keep a sketch book of what she wanted to express. She picked the theme of a merry-go-round with adults spinning in circles because she felt as if it represented how society is always spinning in circles. She also went to Griffith Park and sketched on the merry-go-round there for four hours straight.

The Silent Screams exhibition for me was very compelling for me. At first, I really enjoyed the art for its physically appearance. When I first walked it, I didn’t even think about the message behind the art because I was so mesmerized by its beauty. Later when I learned about the process which was taken to make the artwork and the message behind it, my mind was blown. I can definitely relate with the message behind the art because the reality is, some people are just spinning in circles and never changing. This is one of my biggest motivations, to never get sucked into this never ending loop and to be always improving and bettering myself.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Ciprian Robielos


Ciprian Robielos is a second year here at California State University Long Beach. Cip is a film major and would like to one day become a director or producer. His dream is to work in Hollywood not to become famous, but to get a name for himself. Currently, his favorite movie is deal pool, favorite food is wings, favorite color is any darker shade of red, and favorite song is Simple Song by The Shins. If Cip could be any type of animal, he said he would want to be a wolf. Cip enjoys this class because he gets to meet new people and gets to experience different types of art which he normally wouldn’t do.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Metals (Silver and Copper)

Website: Artist has no website

Instagram: Artist has no Instagram

Sean is on her final year here at California State University Long Beach. She is expecting to graduate this semester with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal. Sean was born in Los Angeles but since then has moved and lived in Long Beach for five years now. When she first applied to Cal State Long Beach, she had no idea what she wanted to go to school for. She was accepted as a creative writing major, but quickly changed her discipline to studio art. It was during her second year she realized that she wanted to be a metals major. Sean has been doing art ever since she was a little kid, but never did she touch metal until about four years ago. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, playing video games, and reading.

Inspired by her environment, emotional behavior, and humor, Sean spends a lot of her time experimenting with metal. With metal, she seems to explore many different forms of artwork ranging from sculptures to jewelry. Her work all seems to have a unique aspect about them. I believe this unifying characteristic is created by the fact all of her art is created through experimenting. This approach of making her artwork gives the work a handmade personalized appearance that can be appreciated by anyone.

Sean’s them is All Work All Play. According to Sean, this refers to the fact that she wants to accomplish something, yet still have fun during the experience. With the variety of artwork that she has, it is very noticeable that she enjoys experimenting with different types of metal art. Sean says that a lot of her art is created through experimenting, which is something he enjoys doing.

Metals is a medium of art that I have always been interested in. As a student studying to become an engineer, I can appreciate all of the functionality that comes with using metals, but I can also appreciate the artistic aspect of it. I see metal almost as a bridge between and engineer and an artist. An engineer can utilize metals for their physical properties while an artist can utilize metals for their visual properties. My favorite piece is her Sweet Spot Ladle because of its smooth curves and artistic handle.


Self Portrait

My name is Andrew. I am a teenage evil scientist originating from Siberia. My parents were also scientist but they were killed in a horrific accident. I grew up living with my aunt trying to follow my parents footsteps. In my teenage years I had an accident myself which resulted in me being transformed into a minion. Ever since then, I felt as if I did not belong here on Earth. So I moved to Moonbase Alpha to continue my evil scientific work.


  1. Pepe Sanders: Pepe, similar to me, doesn’t fit in with everyone else. Pepe is a nice guy, er frog or what ever he is, but just be careful. Do NOT get sucked into a conversation with him involving frog politics. You’ll be there for hours.
  2. Styler Crook: Styler is one of those people that you want to be on good terms with. I have noticed that some people have disappeared because they got onto her bad side.
  3. J: J is a very intelligent engineer. He seems to have his own army or something on moonbase alpha. What ever it is, I want no part in it. I like to keep to myself and do my research in peace.

Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this week’s art experience, we tried out automatic drawing. To do this, we took a big piece of paper and placed it on a flat surface. With two people sitting down on the floor with their legs crossed facing each other, the flat surface with the paper attached to it is placed on both of their laps. Next we placed both of our thumb, index, and middle fingers onto the pencil in an alternating fashion. After that we both just relaxed and essentially let the pencil take over.

At first, the pencil wasn’t really doing anything, but after a few laughs and sighs, it started to move. I honestly thought my partner was moving the pencil, because that was what it felt like. After about ten to fifteen minutes of sitting there, I felt as if we had done enough. The results came to be a lot of smooth curves complimented by some jagged lines and sharp corners. If I was to do the automatic drawing again, I would like to use a pencil with thicker and softer led. Or even colored pencils or markers.