Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this week’s art experience, we tried out automatic drawing. To do this, we took a big piece of paper and placed it on a flat surface. With two people sitting down on the floor with their legs crossed facing each other, the flat surface with the paper attached to it is placed on both of their laps. Next we placed both of our thumb, index, and middle fingers onto the pencil in an alternating fashion. After that we both just relaxed and essentially let the pencil take over.

At first, the pencil wasn’t really doing anything, but after a few laughs and sighs, it started to move. I honestly thought my partner was moving the pencil, because that was what it felt like. After about ten to fifteen minutes of sitting there, I felt as if we had done enough. The results came to be a lot of smooth curves complimented by some jagged lines and sharp corners. If I was to do the automatic drawing again, I would like to use a pencil with thicker and softer led. Or even colored pencils or markers.



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