Self Portrait

My name is Andrew. I am a teenage evil scientist originating from Siberia. My parents were also scientist but they were killed in a horrific accident. I grew up living with my aunt trying to follow my parents footsteps. In my teenage years I had an accident myself which resulted in me being transformed into a minion. Ever since then, I felt as if I did not belong here on Earth. So I moved to Moonbase Alpha to continue my evil scientific work.


  1. Pepe Sanders: Pepe, similar to me, doesn’t fit in with everyone else. Pepe is a nice guy, er frog or what ever he is, but just be careful. Do NOT get sucked into a conversation with him involving frog politics. You’ll be there for hours.
  2. Styler Crook: Styler is one of those people that you want to be on good terms with. I have noticed that some people have disappeared because they got onto her bad side.
  3. J: J is a very intelligent engineer. He seems to have his own army or something on moonbase alpha. What ever it is, I want no part in it. I like to keep to myself and do my research in peace.

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