Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Gallery: Gatov East

Media: Digital Print

Website: Artist has no website

Instagram: Artist has no Instagram

Jennifer Chen is a graduate student here at California State University Long Beach on her final year. She will be getting her Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking. Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree of science in biology. She has experienced working in many environments ranging from big corporations to small companies. One of the biggest things she worked as was helping people. Since then she came back to get her MFA in Printmaking. She is teaching art 270 next fall here at CSULB and hopes to continue teaching after that.

Jennifer’s work is very fascinating. It incorporates perspectives gained from google maps and photography into one art work. Some of her pieces are a lot larger than others which helps give a perspective of how big the landscape is. The exclusion of most manmade objects help show the beauty of the trees and all nature within the pictures.

Jennifer says that she tried to incorporate rudimentary qualities in her artwork. She used photography combined with google map stencils to accomplish this. She said a lot of the bigger pieces took longer to mask with stencils, but the size of these bigger pieces helped show perspective and some gestures. Most of her artwork also showcased the nature in the landscape exclusively.

While the meaning behind this artwork may not be apparent right away, I believe there is a deeper meaning behind it. Since the artwork showcases the nature and not the manmade objects, I believe the message is that we our changing our environment. I agree with this perspective of the artwork because I do personally believe that we are changing our environment, for the better or worst. With concerns with global warming being a controversial topic right now, these art pieces are very relevant.


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