Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Enrique Plascencia


Enrique Plascencia is a senior here at California State University Long Beach. Enrique is planning on graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting. During his free time, Enrique enjoys drawing, playing video games, spending time with friends, and ultimately learning more about art. He says that he has really enjoyed the art program here at Long Beach State and feels that it has helped him find a new direction in his art. If Enrique had to pick a favorite food, he said it would probably be pizza, but he likes anything with bread like sandwiches. Asked if he could be any animal and why, Enrique said he thinks it would be cool to become a cheetah or a bird because of the freedom. His dream job is be able to sell his artwork and make a living off of it.


Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s art experience, we went to the Japanese garden and sketched. I thought this activity was very relaxing and fun. Being an engineering major, it’s not often where I get to draw and sketch for class credit. The most time consuming pieces for me where the abstract sketches, but they were also the most fun to do.

Week 14 – Activity Feedback

My 3 favorite activities:

  • Wk 7 – Group Video Activity. This was one of my favorites because I enjoy making skits and working with other people in group projects.
  • Wk 4 – Graffiti Writing. This was a very fun art experience in my opinion because people make graffiti writing look so easy, but you don’t realize how difficult it is until you try it for yourself.
  • Wk 3 – Snapchat. I love how you can take a picture of a lifeless scene and bring it to life with snapchat drawing. This activity really made you think about how you composed a picture because it would either make or break your drawings

My 3 least favorite activities:

  • Wk 5 – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure. This was one of my least favorites because being a dormer without a car, I had limited access to resources that would help me with this art experience. On the contrary, I feel my opinion is of the minority and I can also see how this activity could be very enjoyable for people.
  • Wk 8 – Automatic Drawing. This activity was definitely interesting, but compared to the other activities I found this one very lackluster. It could just be because I didn’t spend enough time on the drawing.
  • Wk 2 – Plaster Casting. Since I was unable to go to the beach with the class, I found it rather difficult gathering all of the materials to do this on my own. Other than that, I thought this art experience was a fun and well documented one.

I think that this class was overall a fun experience and pretty easy. What I think could make this class better would be to restructure what we did on Tuesdays where we would usually talk about two artists and compare them. I found it interesting learning about the artists, but I didn’t retain a lot of the information from those days.