Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s art experience, we went to the Japanese garden and sketched. I thought this activity was very relaxing and fun. Being an engineering major, it’s not often where I get to draw and sketch for class credit. The most time consuming pieces for me where the abstract sketches, but they were also the most fun to do.


Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages


In my opinion, I believe the best way to document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages is through pictures or writing. Words can help revitalize an old memory or help spark a new fantasy. It is said that a picture is worth one thousand words. Pictures can help capture a moment in time and remind someone of their past or something they have not experienced. I do believe style does matter. If a writing is less precise or leaves blank spaces, it is up to the viewer for interpretation, versus if the writing was very descriptive, it would give a very good visual for the reader. For photos, there are many ways to control the observer’s perspective. Such as controlling field of view, shutter speed, how light or dark the picture is, etc. Or on the contrary, you could leave the picture bare and open for interpretation. I do believe that trying to document an experience somewhat takes you out of the experience, but documenting it allows others to also experience what you did. From my experience, taking photos on a trip or vacation does take me out of the experience a little. But when I go back to look at the photos, they mean so much more to me because of the memories they bring back and how real they seem.

I felt that taking pictures in the book store was a lot more welcomed and we did not have to be as secretive about it. I thought this activity was interesting and the thoughts that came along with it. In our everyday college student lives, we don’t really ask ourselves these types of questions, or at least I don’t. I couldn’t say I really have any new insights about the nature of spaces, books, or education besides the fact that as the times are changing, so are these spaces.


Self Portrait

My name is Andrew. I am a teenage evil scientist originating from Siberia. My parents were also scientist but they were killed in a horrific accident. I grew up living with my aunt trying to follow my parents footsteps. In my teenage years I had an accident myself which resulted in me being transformed into a minion. Ever since then, I felt as if I did not belong here on Earth. So I moved to Moonbase Alpha to continue my evil scientific work.


  1. Pepe Sanders: Pepe, similar to me, doesn’t fit in with everyone else. Pepe is a nice guy, er frog or what ever he is, but just be careful. Do NOT get sucked into a conversation with him involving frog politics. You’ll be there for hours.
  2. Styler Crook: Styler is one of those people that you want to be on good terms with. I have noticed that some people have disappeared because they got onto her bad side.
  3. J: J is a very intelligent engineer. He seems to have his own army or something on moonbase alpha. What ever it is, I want no part in it. I like to keep to myself and do my research in peace.

Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this week’s art experience, we tried out automatic drawing. To do this, we took a big piece of paper and placed it on a flat surface. With two people sitting down on the floor with their legs crossed facing each other, the flat surface with the paper attached to it is placed on both of their laps. Next we placed both of our thumb, index, and middle fingers onto the pencil in an alternating fashion. After that we both just relaxed and essentially let the pencil take over.

At first, the pencil wasn’t really doing anything, but after a few laughs and sighs, it started to move. I honestly thought my partner was moving the pencil, because that was what it felt like. After about ten to fifteen minutes of sitting there, I felt as if we had done enough. The results came to be a lot of smooth curves complimented by some jagged lines and sharp corners. If I was to do the automatic drawing again, I would like to use a pencil with thicker and softer led. Or even colored pencils or markers.


Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

Aaron Delarosa

Justin Marquez

Natalie Guevara

For this week’s art experience, we were able to make a group video on almost anything we would like. For our group, consisting of me, Aaron Delarosa, Natalie Guevara, and Justin Marquez, we all really resonated on the video theme of college problems. I was tasked to film and edit this project. I have a lot of experience of recording small videos or skits for school. For example, in high school, for an English class video project, I recreated the scene from the matrix where Morpheus asks Neo whether or not he wants to take the red or blue pill. Unfortunately, or thankfully, depending on how you look at it, the footage has been lost. I used this experience of making skits along with a lot of patients to attempt to make a well flowing video. I feel as if the video wasn’t as good as it could have been. If I was to do this again, I would better plan out the skits.

Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s art experience was a photo walk. For my self, I love photography and love taking photos when every I can. Taking a photo for me is more than just capture a memory. While that is a big reason why I enjoy taking photos, I enjoy being able to share a story or experience with other people.

Some of my pictures were pictures of objects that everyone also got got a picture of while on the photo walk. The others are just pictures I just decided to take randomly while walking between points of interests for my group. You can see that I took some pictures of these point of interest objects, but I also picked some pictures in between. I would say my favorite picture is the black and white picture where people are sitting down eating lunch. While I can’t exactly put my finger on it, I believe this picture captures something that I can relate to, the struggle of having big gaps in between your classes.

Even though I live in the dorms on campus, I rarely get a chance to go out and capture photos of the campus. I really appreciated this art experience and wish we could do something more with photography later down the road.